poète maudit x Pilkington United

Posted by Toon Jans on

The first TOGETHER will be with Pilkington United!
We have been working TOGETHER to create a unique shirt of which only 30 will be made.
Sales of this limited edition will start this Friday 07/02 at 17h00.
Be ready!


Pilkington United is the new musical love child of Jules Jordens and Kasper De Sutter. These lyrical poets are not only good with words. They dress even better. This makes for a deadly combination to be seen and heard in Pilkington United.
You might already know these two madmen. Kasper De Sutter is a mixing/producing  guru from the alternative scene and Jules Jordens is a rhythmic wordsmith. For their new project they became MC Zjwal and FC Dhee. Zwjal and Dhee are two characters that are quite hard to describe. For any personal questions I must redirect you to them. Mostly they can be found waisting time in gas stations or riding the buss. They themselves describe their music as Dutch music to dance to. Also comparable to Clement Peerens Explosition, the early music by Gorillaz or Sleaford Mods.

I feel it is best not to overexplain Pilkington United. Just dive into the rabbit hole and meet them in their own odd and poetical universe.